"Finally, to complete an understanding of indigenous european cosmology it is also vital to learn of the historical processes taking place in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Until that time, a continous cosmology of the Mother Goddess had existed in Europe uninterrupted for at least 35.000 years, and this was progressively substituted for one wich worshipped male Gods of War, which no longer regarded nature as sacred, but as something to be dominated and exploited. This historic process is described in more detail in this work and its reading is the basis for understanding the cultural origin of what is called Western Civilisation..."


1. Indo-European Invasions.


2. Indo-European Invasions in Asia.


3. Semitic Invasions.


4. Livestock: from domination over animals to domination over humans.


5. The subjugation of women and the origin of the patriarchal family.


6. Classical Mythology as a system of patriarchal indroctination


7. The Myth of the goddess in Indo-European and Christian eras.


8. The witches and the Inquisition.



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